Wintersmith, by Terry Pratchett

Quick thoughts on Wintersmith, the only book I’ve finished recently that’s worth writing about. (I also have reread quite a few Suzanne Brockmann books, but there’s not a lot to say about them that doesn’t also get into a recent Huffington Post article about romance novel and the ensuing responses from various blogs like Smart Bitches, Trashy Books…..another time, perhaps.)

Anyway. Point. Wintersmith.

I really like continuity in books. Series are great, obviously, but I also really like books that are connected in less-obvious ways. Like Discworld. There are some ‘series’ in the Discworld. There is a chronology of sorts. But there’s also books like Wintersmith which, while part of the Tiffany/NacMacFeegle series, also throws in a few things that tie it into the rest of the Discworld. The Tiffany series is, of course, connected to the Lancre series but I also smiled at the really brief – one paragraph – mention of Assistant Postmaster Groat, from Going Postal, which I just listened to in November, and the mention of the land of Djelibeybi, from Pyramids, which I’m currently listening to on my commute. This is the type of continuity that I like, that makes me feel intelligent and well-read, even if it’s only well-read in Terry Pratchett. It’s like the allusions that you find in more ‘literary’ works (see: TS Eliot for extreme examples; the man’s genius was in creating new poems entirely out of older ones) but more obvious. And the nice thing about this kind of continuity – unlike the allusions in Eliot – is that, if you aren’t familiar with the source (i.e. if you haven’t read Going Postal or Pyramids or the other books set in Lancre), you’re not really missing anything – but if you have, then it adds an extra layer.


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2 responses to “Wintersmith, by Terry Pratchett

  1. I have to admit, Wintersmith didn’t do much for me. I like Pratchett and I usually like the Lancre books but I just couldn’t get into this story. This one just didn’t have the wow factor that so many of the discworld novels have.
    Thanks for sharing your views on this book.

  2. C.D.

    I’ve never read any of the Discworld books, but I just bought my 9 year old nephew the graphic novel, so I should probably get started so I can have something to talk about with him.

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