Twentysomething, by Iain Hollingshead

I got this book from the lovely Kat for my 28th birthday, and I wanted to make sure I read it before my 30th (aka while I’m still a twentysomething). I wish I’d read it before, of course – but I’m glad I just didn’t let it languish on my shelf any longer.

In many ways, it reminded me of One Day – it takes place over the course of a year, and where the main character ends up at the end of the book is absolutely nowhere near where he thought he would be at the beginning. It’s this kind of book that gives me hope for the future – that things can change almost on the spur of the moment, that where I am now (particularly career-wise) is not where I have to stay.

It’s charming, it’s quick (I started it on my lunch break at work, and got to “April” before I had to go back; finished it that night), it’s a bit laddish in spots, and it’s definitely worth reading.

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