Sometimes I write things. And then they get published at a content mill. And eventually I might earn as much as a dime from them. But the important thing is that I write things.

21 May 2012 – An opera libretto contest entry

23 July 2011: Commentary on my favourite novel

27 May 2011: Reminiscing about a trip to Rome

17 May 2011: My entry for a cool blog project

25 April 2011: Reminiscing about a trip to Paris

23 April 2011: Commentary on my favourite sonnet

22 April 2011: The Gamer (The Glow Illuminates Here One Lone Face) – an original sonnet

13 March 2011: Reminiscing about prom

07 March 2011: Ettercap – an original story for St. Patrick’s Day

19 November 2010: Thanks – an original poem for Thanksgiving

19 November 2010: A New Thanksgiving – an original story for Thanksgiving

16 November 2010: Remembering a horrible travel experience

16 November 2010: Remembering Christmas traditions

14 November 2010: Reminiscing about Thanksgiving overseas

24 May 2010: Ugly Ties – an original poem for Father’s Day

21 April 2010: Tradition Says – an original poem for Mother’s Day

7 April 2010: What I did with my college degree

5 January 2010: Waiting at Westminsster – an original short story set at Christmas

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