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Year in Review: 2010

Several years ago (like, 7?) my wonderful aunt made me a reading journal. I was diligent about recording books I finished in it, and at the end of the year I did a sort of “round-up” of how many books I’d read, etc. I let it lapse during my MA, but last Christmas picked it up again. It is entirely possible that I missed recording some things, but here’s what I wrote down for this last year:


Total books read and recorded: 113.  This number is books that I started and finished. I don’t write down books that I don’t finish, I don’t write down books that I just dip into, and I also don’t record short-form stuff (although I possibly should). Short stories, blog posts, and eharlequin.com’s online reads don’t get recorded. And, again, there may be things that I read and forgot about – Mills and Boon books that I read at the charity shop, or quick rereads that only took a few hours might not get recorded.

I’m actually a little bit surprised at how low that number is, considering that I spent about three weeks reading 30 Mills and Boon books. But I had other things on my mind this year (like finding a job), and a few books that took me quite a long time, and other things that took up my reading time (like playing video games). It’s about the same as I remember from previous years; I could go back to LiveJournal and check, I suppose.

Rereads: 8. This number REALLY surprises me. I usually go through rereading phases for certain authors or books. I usually reread Terry Pratchett at least once a year, and L.M. Montgomery, and David Eddings, and Jane Austen, and Forster…..

Blogged books: 27.


I read quite a lot of romance. This is not unusual, although it was probably bolstered a bit by trying the Mills and Boon contest and immersing myself in that style for a few weeks.

I also read quite a lot of historical books, both fiction and non-fiction. Mostly non-fiction. A quick count gives me 11 historical non-fiction books, and  a few more that could count as historical fiction.

Favourite book read last year: Tie between Georgiana and The Children’s Book.

Most disappointing/least favourite book read last year: Probably Jamaica Inn. I adore Rebecca, but couldn’t really get into either the book or the film of Jamaica Inn.

If anyone has any other suggestions for analysis of my reading habits, leave them in the comments.


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